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Princess Karen MP ?

Princess Karen MP?Well, only a week or so after we re-christen the meteoric Fylde Councillor and Cabinet member Karen Buckley as 'Princess Karen', she goes and gets herself selected as the prospective Conservative MP for Hyndburn.

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The news started to leak when the Blackburn Telegraph published a story about three Conservative officials in Hyndburn who had resigned because there was not enough 'local interest' on the candidate short list.

The list was  John Barker, Karen Buckley, Paul Carter,  John Moss, Mary Robinson, Janet Storey. We think we know Mary Robinson, but the others (apart from Princess Karen) were unknown to us except that Janet Storey is a former Hyndburn Mayor.

Then on Saturday the result of the Hyndburn selection meeting was released, and our own Princess Karen had won through and been selected as the official Candidate.

We were not at all surprised.

We think she's much more of a politician than a Councillor and she fits almost exactly one of the template formulas that make sought-after politicians these days.

She also has a big personal advantage in that whilst she (currently) lives in Fylde, her immediate family roots are in Accrington so the 'not being local' criticism isn't going to wash as much as it might otherwise do.

She says herself that she is "honoured to have been selected by Hyndburn Conservatives as their next parliamentary candidate", before going on to stress that she is "a hard-working mother, lawyer and councillor wanting to change things for the better both locally and at a national level".

She is expecting her campaign to feature family values where her experience in family law confirms to her that we are living in a broken society. She says "I want our children to have a brighter future - a future under a Conservative Government."  She already has the website karenbuckley.info

Fylde Cllr Simon Renwick wrote in support of her. He said... "This is really good news. Karen is a hard worker with a natural understanding of people. She has strong values and will be a great assest [sic] to the people of Hyndburn, Parliament and the Conservative Party."

But another blogger offers an interesting observation about the timing of her selection. Writing under the name of 'arroder' they say... "The delay in selecting is in part due to the Tory Council Leader, who thought he would be a shoe in. And when he found he wasn't, he took his bat and ball home and sulked..."

At first we thought he was referring to Fylde, but it's probably  the situation at Hyndburn to which he is referring.

So what does this mean for Fylde?

Well, in the short term, it means Princess Karen is likely to be very busy. Campaigning is a demanding and, frankly, awful, process. But it has to be done. She will get help of course, the local party will rally round her and do leafleting and so on, but inevitably it means she will have less time in Fylde.

The more interesting question arises if she is elected and becomes Hyndburn's MP

If that happens, she will sever links with Fylde BC, and that separation will have two impacts.

It will cause a Councillor vacancy in St Leonard's Ward in two months time which might well become a by-election and give local Conservatives a litmus test of their current standing after they have said they will re-open the swimming pool.  -  Interesting.

Secondly it will create a Cabinet vacancy which the Commissar might move to fill.

It will be interesting to see whether that position goes to the former Portfolio Holder for 'Finance and Efficiency' and retiring Mayor, Cllr Paul Rigby, whose Mayoral Year ends at roughly the same time.

With Cllr Mrs Buckley having moved up the Commissar's administration like a rat up a drainpipe we recently re-christened her 'Princess Karen' because we (and, we understand, several others in the Conservative group) saw her as an heir apparent in the Fylde Conservative hierarchy. To be blunt, we thought she was being groomed to be the next Fylde Council leader.

But she has had even greater grooming thrust upon her now.

If she wins Hyndburn - and there is a more than an outside chance she can do so - she won't be being parachuted into any position at Fylde, (as she was when former Cllr (now deceased) Collin Walton was de-selected by his own party). No, whatever plans our Commissar might have had for her advancement, she'll be off to Westminster helping 'Dave' and Mr Pickles and his team to run the country for us.

And as we said a minute ago, Hyndburn's not Mission Impossible for her. At the last (Hyndburn) election, the result was

Greg Pope, Lab  18,136 46.0%
James Mawdsley, Con  12,549 31.8%
Bill Greene, Liberal Democrat  5,577 14.1%
Christian Jackson, BNP  2,444 6.2%
John Whittaker, UKIP  743 1.9%

Whilst we've had our disagreements with Cllr Buckley on local issues, and whilst we might not agree with some of the things she has done, and the way she has done them, she professes the sort of values we do support (family, respect, order and so on).

She is a very skilful orator, and we observe her advocacy style to be one in which she will say the minimum necessary to sow enough doubt to shift opinion in the matter being discussed. It's a very clever strategy and one that would serve a politician well.

She also has the self control and 'poker face' needed for politics, so we think she could be a good catch for the people of Hyndburn and we wish her well in her quest to become their MP.

Whilst we might have had some disagreements with Cllr Buckley, we do know at least one of our readers who would be very sad to see her attributes leave the Council Chamber at Fylde.

Dated:  16 March 2010


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