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Obituary: Lyndsay Greening

Obituary Lindsay GreeningWe were sad to hear of the unexpected death of another Fylde Councillor recently, and although we did not know her well, we admired her measured and statesmanlike performance in all we saw her do.

counterbalance received the following from one of our readers who knew Lyndsay better than we did and we are happy to publish this tribute.

Lyndsay Greening, who has died after a short illness, was a lady in the true sense of the word.

A Ribby-with-Wrea parish councillor, and also an Independent Fylde Borough Councillor for the last three years, she always performed her duties with enthusiasm and good grace.

She was Fylde's Older People's Champion and thoroughly enjoyed her work.

In meetings, Lyndsay was knowledgeable and articulate. She took on the job of organising the Parish Charter about three years ago for the Fylde District Parish Liaison committee and I had the privilege of contributing to it and working with her.

She was conscientious and hardworking, always wanting to do her best for the people of her parish and for those of her borough ward.

Lyndsay was an English teacher at Lytham St Anne's Technology and Performing Arts College. Town Councillor Jill Sumner told me she had done some supply teaching at the school many years ago and Lyndsay's class was one of the best. This comes as no surprise as she was thorough in everything she did.

She was easy to get along with, a truly civic person who rose above politics and served her community with dignity and dedication.

She will be sorely missed by councillors and constituents alike.

Dated:  21 March 2010


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